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Autistic Spectrum Recovery 

This comprehensive testing program for autism includes Basic Testing plus 8 special tests:

Basic Tests

1) Comprehensive Organix

A comprehensive profile that provides vitamin mineral deficiencies, amino acid insufficiency, oxidative damage and antioxidant sufficiency markets, assesses detoxification insufficiency, markers for overgrowth of yeast and bacteria

2) Amino acids

Amino acids make up the proteins in every tissue of the body.  They play a role in nearly every chemical process production, formulation of bones, tendons, antibodies, and regulation of enzymes and blood transport.

3) Nutrient and Toxic Elements

Some elements can accumulate in tissues causing toxic effects.  Metal toxicity is a significant environmental health concern.  Toxins such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic lead can cause considerable damage to the brain and nervous system. 

Special Tests

4) Food Antibodies

This test identifies delayed food allergies that can contribute to many different health problems triggering many different symptoms to a variety of problems.

5) GI fx

Gastrointestinal function is very important. The intestinal tract contains significant amounts of bacteria some beneficial, some neutral, and some harmful. Balancing beneficial microbial flora in the gut is key in digestion, nutrient usage, and ridding the body of waste and pathogens. Poor digestion and malabsorption can lead to immune dysfunction, nutritional insufficiencies, mental/emotional disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

GI Effects use DNA analysis to identify microbiota with 100% accuracy including anaerobes, a previously immeasurable area of the gut environment. Microbial DNA analysis improves the accuracy of results and includes both aerobes and anaerobes. Anaerobes comprise over 95% of the bacteria in the gut and are difficult to detect with old culture methods.

6) Fatty Acids
Evidence of adverse effects of fatty acid deficiencies has led sharply to increased assumption of fatty acid supplements.   The results provide the calculations to establish optimal balance.  Trans fatty acids (bad oils) are also measured.

7) Porphyrins Profile
Porphyrins Profile results indicate biomarkers of toxic effects on heme biosynthetic pathway and proper function of many proteins for oxygen transport, energy production, and detoxification.

8) Neopterin/Biopterin

Neopterin and biopterin are by-products of the redox reactions involving tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4). BH4 functions as a cofactor for the enzymes responsible for the production of monoamine neurotransmitters (ephinepherine, norepinephrine, DOPA, serotonin), and as a cofactor in nitric oxide production.

Low biopterin levels may reflect insufficient BH4 status. Restricted BH4 cofactor availability has been suggested as an etiologic factor in Autism.

Neopterin is a marker of inflammation, allowing detection and monitoring of inflammatory processes. The origin of the inflammation may be the small intestine pathology that so often requires treatment in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

9) Hair nutrient and toxic elements
Hair nutrient and toxic elements this report has a long history of successful use in detecting chronic  exposure to toxic heavy metals in humans because hair concentrates heavy metals several hundred fold above concentrations in blood.   Chronic levels in hair reflect early patterns before signs and symptoms occur.

10) Adrenal stress
This test is a measure of an individuals response to stress.   It is also an important tool for pointing to adrenal imbalances that may be impacting health.

11) Detoxification capacity test


The Plan includes:

* Initial Consultation with an Integrative/Functional Medicine Doctor (MD)

* Specialized In Depth Functional Laboratory Testing (discovers underlying biochemical risk factors)

* Computer-Generated Analysis with Professional Interpretation of Lab Tests

* Doctor Reviews Program

The Health and Wellness Program is an all-inclusive program that offers individuals a way to determine their personal biochemical blueprint through laboratory testing at CLIA certified labs. The program includes functional lab tests, computerized interpretations and a customized plan tailored to the individual.

After enrolling in your personalized Health and Wellness Program, the first step entails filling out a health history. Next, laboratory test kits will be sent directly to your home. The kits will have instructions and the staff will help you complete the tests if you have any questions. The testing samples (ie. hair, urine, blood, saliva) are then placed in the prepaid mailers and mailed directly to the laboratory.

You will be notified when the test results are completed (usually within 2 weeks), and you will receive a copy. The results are strictly confidential. A teleconference interpretation consultation will be scheduled with one of our doctors to go over the protocol point by point.

You can then decide to continue the program as outlined or take the plan back to your own doctor.

Review this page for further instructions:
Wellness Assessment

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