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Introductory & Focused Science-based Program for Modifying Stress, Burnout, Fear and Resentments

A simple saliva test collected at 4 times over a 24 hour period can measure the changes of one of the most important stress-compensatng hormones in the body, cortisol. Cortisol levels reflect how your brain and body are responding to your life's stressors.

Abnormally high cortisol levels (often caused by anxiety, fear and chronic anger) suggest that stress modifying interventions such as exercise, psychotherapy and meditation as well as some important nutrients are needed to dampen down excess cortisol production.

Low cortisol suggests burnout, a more serious adrenal dysfunction often due to the above problems plus immune and toxic stress, and more intensive assistance is needed to support the adrenals.

Chronic stress and burnout as reflected in the imbalances in cortisol levels are associated with a wide array of medical disorders (heart attacks, autoimmune and cancer) and psychiatric conditions,  as well as accelerated aging and chemical addiction.

The Stress Program Includes:

* Initial Consultation with an Integrative/Functional Medicine Doctor (MD)

* Specialized In Depth Functional Laboratory Testing (discovers underlying biochemical risk factors)

* Computer-Generated Analysis with Professional Interpretation of Lab Tests

* Doctor Reviews Program

The Health and Wellness Program is an all-inclusive program that offers individuals a way to determine their personal biochemical blueprint through laboratory testing at CLIA certified labs. The program includes functional lab tests, computerized interpretations and a customized plan tailored to the individual.

After enrolling in your personalized Health and Wellness Program, the first step entails filling out a health history. Next, laboratory test kits will be sent directly to your home. The kits will have instructions and the staff will help you complete the tests if you have any questions. The testing samples (ie. hair, urine, blood, saliva) are then placed in the prepaid mailers and mailed directly to the laboratory.

You will be notified when the test results are completed (usually within 2 weeks), and you will receive a copy. The results are strictly confidential. A teleconference interpretation consultation will be scheduled with one of our doctors to go over the protocol point by point.

You can then decide to continue the program as outlined or take the plan back to your own doctor.

Review this page for further instructions:
Wellness Assessment

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